Helen Lyne

writer, spoken word poet


Open mics are lots of fun. My favourite venues in Australia include the Desire Bookshop in Manly and the Friend in Hand Hotel in Glebe. In France I’ve presented poems at Au Chat Noir in 11th Arrondissement in Paris.

My themes focus on the peculiar in politics (no lack of subject matter there!) and the droll and the dramatic in everyday life.

Here are some examples.

Acting my age

I’ve ceased to be conformist
and politically correct
and since I’m over seventy
what else would you expect?
I’m clinging onto vices
unsuited to my age,
ignoring family members
who tell me at this stage
I should ensure their future
and include them in my will
while I’ve not yet got dementia
and my signature would still
be honoured by the big four banks
and AMP and such.
They’re anticipating eagerly
the moment they can touch
my accumulated savings
they think are huge in size
and tell me that at my age
my behaviour is unwise.
I’m ignoring pleas for handouts
from my relatives and ex-
and spending their inheritance
on Botox, gin and sex.

Being an extra

My upward climb in show biz has not gone very far tho’
I can say I’ve done a film with heart throb Leonardo.
My scene was cut from ‘Gatsby’ which I took very hard so
I was glad to do an ad promoting avocado

Clever Kitty

My kitty likes my keyboard
and will pat upon the keys.
His discourse darts across the screen
with feline speed and ease.

And like a politician
he looks wide-eyed and intense,
he loves the repetition
and his words make little sense.