Helen Lyne

writer, spoken word poet


Open mics are lots of fun. My favourite venues in Australia include the Desire Bookshop in Manly and the Friend in Hand Hotel in Glebe. In France I’ve presented poems at Au Chat Noir in 11th Arrondissement in Paris.

My themes focus on the peculiar in politics (no lack of subject matter there!) and the droll and the dramatic in everyday life.

Here are some examples.

Corona Virus – Keeping Occupied

I can’t go to the cinema
I can’t go to the pub
The massage place has been closed down
so I can’t get a rub
All festivals are cancelled
and travel’s on the shelf
No footie on the tele
to watch all by myself

On dismal days this month of March
there’s not much I can do
I can’t go to the bathroom:
there’s no paper for the loo
The one thing that is still allowed
is going to the shops
I’ll check the things that I can buy
before my income stops

Coles and Woolies have no eggs,
potatoes, rice or pasta
I’m glad for those who stockpile stuff:
they’ll get heart burn faster
I scan the shelves for novelties
to keep me entertained
ensuring health and sanity
and fitness are maintained

The hand wash shelf is empty
but there’s hair dye, wax and gel
With black goth spikes I’d likely look
psychotic and unwell
There’s cat food by the truck load
but I haven’t got a cat
There’s lubricant a-plenty
but I’ve no need of that

On second thoughts I’m very bored
and I consider I’m,
even over seventy,
in the middle of my prime.
I’ll therefore make some purchases
and deliver them to Thomas,
my neighbour with the rescue cat
and I’ll be on a promise

© Helen Lyne 24 March 2020

Being an extra

My upward climb in show biz has not gone very far tho’
I can say I’ve done a film with heart throb Leonardo.
My scene was cut from ‘Gatsby’ which I took very hard so
I was glad to do an ad promoting avocado

Clever Kitty

My kitty likes my keyboard
and will pat upon the keys.
His discourse darts across the screen
with feline speed and ease.

And like a politician
he looks wide-eyed and intense,
he loves the repetition
and his words make little sense.

Brutus and Maxie

My new poem Brutus and Maxie has been published on the Spill The Beans blog in November 2021. I do hope you enjoy reading it.

You can read the poem here.

A Writer’s Trials and Triumphs

I am delighted to see my poem featured on page 5 of the winter edition of Women’s Ink! Magazine, published by the Society of Women Writers NSW in July 2021.

You can read the poem here.